Peplink Balance 20 Velocity

£329.99 inc.VAT | £274.99 ex.VAT

Dual-WAN Router (2 WAN) for Power User and Home Office 2x FE WAN ports and USB, 4-port LAN switch 100Mbps throughput.

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  • Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Bonding Router

    The Peplink Balance multi-WAN router delivers Unbreakable VPN, SpeedFusion™ bandwidth bonding, and a host of other innovative technologies that let you take control of your WAN and improve Internet connectivity, all with one easy-to-manage device.

    Fast, Affordable & Reliable

    Combine the bandwidth of up to 13 Internet connections. Add and remove connections on the fly. Get speed when you need it. Pay less when you don’t. Break free of costly MPLS and other private circuits. Make the move to low-cost DSL, cable, satellite, and cellular connections without sacrificing a thing. Count on uptime and stability under the heaviest loads. Get the Balance and get connections that are rock-solid, fast, and reliable to the core.

    Connect Up to 13 Links from Multiple Providers

    Connect any combination of DSL, cable, 4G LTE , and 3G links – up to 13 of them, from any ISP for anytime, anywhere connectivity. Whatever mix of connections you choose, the Balance intelligently distributes network traffic over all links connected anywhere on the network. You can also customize traffic flow and service availability with outbound policies and inbound load balancing settings, so you’re always in control. And with the Balance’s instant, automatic failover between links, you’re always online, too.

    Reduce MPLS Costs up to 90%

    With the Balance and SpeedFusion, you can bond multiple links connected anywhere on your network for VPNs that can add speed and reliability to expensive MPLS deployments or replace them entirely. Because you can combine a variety of affordable DSL, MPLS, cellular, and other WAN links into one secure, high-bandwidth tunnel, you get unprecedented reliability and performance while saving big on connectivity costs.

    SpeedFusion-powered Unbreakable VPN

    The Balance can bond affordable DSL, cable, cellular, and other WAN links into a single secure and fast VPN tunnel using SpeedFusion technology. Packet-level failover across WANs within VPN tunnels is instant and seamless, so your voice calls and RDP sessions won’t be interrupted when the Balance automatically switches between connections.

    Monitor AP Usage Report and Create Guest Hotspot Easily from Your Balance

    Our AP Controller makes it easy to manage your wireless network from a convenient, intuitive user interface built right into your Balance. You can easily manage your AP with graphical usage reports, and detailed event logs. Setting up a guest hotspot? The Balance’s included captive portal and splash screen help you provide a secure, fast, and customized Internet experience for everyone.

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  • Features

    • Designed For: Power User & Home Office
    • Ethernet: WAN Ports 2
    • LAN Ports: 4 (GE)
    • USB: WAN Modem Port 1
    • Embedded LTE Modem 1
    • Recommended Users: 1-60
    • Router Throughput: 150Mbps
    • Load Balancing/Failover
    • L2TP / PPTP VPN Server
    • IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network)
    • Manage Pepwave AP
    • Maximum Number of AP Supported: 10
    • Bandwidth Usage Monitor
    • QoS for VoIP and E-commerce
    • User Groups Bandwidth Control