ZKTeco FR1500 Wall-mounted Access Control Fingerprint & RFID reader

£119.99 inc.VAT | £99.99 ex.VAT

Flush-mount internal fingerprint & RFID Access Control reader. Use with InBio controllers or connect to standalone readers.

Support & Set Up Services

  • The FR1500 Fingerprint & RFID Access Control reader needs to be connected to an InBio Controller and can be used on both sides of the door (one device required on each side you want controlled). It can also be used as a slave and connect to stand-alone readers like the ZKTeco F21.

    When users place their finger on the FR1500-ID SilkID fingerprint sensor, their fingerprint template is then transferred to the InBio panel via RS485 where it is matched and compared to an access control list on the InBio panel. The door will then open if the user has access rights. This entire process takes less than 1.5 seconds.

    • Single gang standard junction box installation.
    • Flush-mounted design for neat installation
    • RS-485 communication interface
    • SilkID fingerprint sensor and supports live finger detecting
    • Stainless steel front casing

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  • Features

    Additional Info

    • Working Temperature – -10 °C ~ 45 °C
    • Working Humidity – 20 ~ 95%
    • Dimensions(LxWxH) – 121.3 × 77.3 × 38 mm
    • Algorithm – ZKFinger v10.0

    Power Supply

    • Operating Voltage – 12V DC
    • Stand-by Mode Power Consumption – 12V*60mA=0.72W
    • Peak Current of Fingerprint scanning – 140mA
    • Hardware – 1.0 GHz CPU, ZKSilkID Sensor, Buzzer Prompt, Three-color Indicator Light


    inBio/inBioPro Controllers / Standalone Fingerprint Devices

    • Standard Features – 125KHz RFID Card
    • Communication – RS485


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