ievo Ultimate Fingerprint Reader

CPNI certified fingerprint scanner with industry leading multispectral imaging sensor & advanced security features. Contact us for pricing.

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  • The ievo ultimate is a CPNI certified fingerprint scanner that combines an industry leading multispectral imaging sensor with advanced security features.

    Employing a high-performance multispectral imaging (MSI) sensor, the ultimate delivers a cutting edge biometric solution, simultaneously reading data from both the surface and subsurface levels of a fingerprint even when features are hard to distinguish due to factors such as dirt, moisture and damage.

    With advanced encryption for data transmission, the ultimate fingerprint reader provides a highly accurate and quality image to reliably allow the ievo Control Board to perform 1:N matching of up to 50,000 (10,000 as standard) fingerprint templates.

    The reader unit itself does not store any user data for an additional level of protection.

    Internal & External use

    Featuring an IP65 rating and built-in environmental controls, the ultimate reader is designed for external deployment and remains operational over time in harsh weather conditions.

    ievo has combined many unique features offering a large number of outcomes and benefits. ievo ultimate™ uses multispectral imaging combined with a superior award winning algorithm offering a system that will work in harsh environments and with problem fingerprints.

    For pricing and more information on ievo solutions please contact us.

  • Features

    • Easy to use interface
    • 1:N 10,000 fingerprint templates (Optional up to 50,000)
    • Optional HID Module
    • Integrates into existing card, fob & proximity systems
    • Identification – 1 second
    • Multispectral imaging sensor
    • Thermostat heated sensor for external use
    • Spoof detection
    • Vandal resistant
    • User friendly
    • LED accepted/denied indication built into button
    • Audio beep indication
    • Internal and external use
    • Harsh environments
    • Wiegand output
    • 1:N matching up to 8,000 users
    • Easy to install “plug and play system”
    • Small PCB design
    • Can be manufactured in any custom colour*
    • SDK for integrators and software developers