ievo USB Desktop Registration Units

Enrol users with speed and ease into your Time & Attendance solution with these desktop USB fingerprint readers. Contact us for pricing.

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  • By using the ievo USB desktop reader instead of the product itself for registering users, enrolment becomes a quick and simple process, especially when a high volume of users will be using the system on site. You will be able to simultaneously train and inform users about how the system works, as well as monitor user profiles at your own
    convenience. By simply connecting the desktop registration unit via USB into your computer, you will be able to instantly connect to the ievo® software that links to the database that stores users templates. From here, you will be able to easily add and remove users as well as update and control their access plans.

    In conjunction with the ievo End User Guide that you will receive with the product, this could save you both time and money in the long run. If users are not trained correctly or are unaware of how to operate the biometric reader, this could incur additional site visits from your security provider.

    For more information on ievo solutions please contact us.

  • Features

    • USB powered – no additional power supply required
    • Durable high performance use
    • Spoof detection feature which protects against potential threats
    • Timing placement to image 1.0 Seconds (Typical)
    • 500 dpi image resolution
    • Requires minimal maintenance
    • User friendly & compact design
    • Aids training and reduces registration time