Almost impossible to trick, vein readers provide a higher level security to regular fingerprint scanners.

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ZKTeco V350 Finger Vein Access Control Terminal
£449.99 inc.VAT | £374.99 ex.VAT
Access Control terminal with finger vein authentication.
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ZKTeco FV350 Finger Vein and Fingerprint Access Control Terminal
£479.99 inc.VAT | £399.99 ex.VAT
Multi-biometric access control terminal with finger vein and fingerprint authentication.
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Hitachi Hand Gesture Technology
Turn your standard laptop or desktop camera into an advanced finger vein scanner using Hitachi's biometric hand gesture technology withou...
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Fujitsu PalmSecure SDK
The PalmSecure SDK software comes with 1 x Palm Secure Login Kit.
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Fujitsu PalmSecure OEM Sensor STD
£349.99 inc.VAT | £291.66 ex.VAT
Hardware only. The PalmSecure OEM Sensor provides you with integrated palm vein authentication technology.
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Fujitsu PalmSecure U Guide
£89.99 inc.VAT | £74.99 ex.VAT
Designed to work with the PalmSecure mouse, this guide provides the perfect position for a palm vein scan.
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