Thycotic Secret Server: Windows Authentication Enabled with Protocol Handler, Desktop Client, Mobile Devices, and Web Services

Note: This information is applicable for IIS 7 and above only.

It is possible to have a Secret Server instance use Integrated Windows Authentication and still use the Secret Server mobile application on the iPhone or BlackBerry Devices without the Integrated Windows Authentication if the application server is running IIS 7 or higher.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Open IIS
  • Select the ‘webservices‘ folder under the Secret Server folder
  • Click on ‘Authentication
  • Disable ‘Windows Authentication
  • Enable ‘Anonymous Authentication
  • Recycle the application pool running Secret Server in IIS

This change will enable the mobile devices and Protocol Handler to connect to the web services folder even if the rest of the application is running with Integrated Windows Authentication.

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