Thycotic Secret Server: Moving Microsoft SQL Server Database To Another Machine

Follow the steps below for moving/migrating MS SQL Server database for Secret Server.

Backup and restore the database

  • Stop the Secret Server site in Internet Information Server (IIS) to prevent any changes to the database
  • Stop the Secret Server application pool or IIS website.
  • Back up the database by accessing SQL Management Studio and right-clicking on the database to select Tasks > Back Up.
  • Select a file location for the .bak file. Transfer this file to the new server.
  • On the new database server, through SQL Management Studio, restore the database backup (the .bak file).
  • Create and/or grant access to the account that will be accessing the database.
  • We recommend taking the old database offline.

Connect Secret Server to the new database (configure the database connection details)

  • Delete the database.config file from the secretserver folder (on the ASP.NET/IIS machine).
  • Restart your Secret Server website, so it is running.
  • Browse to your Secret Server URL and you will be prompted to enter your new database connection details.
  • Enter your new SQL Server and the account information.
  • Click Next and the site will connect to the new database.
  • Your site is now pointing the new database.

To roll back changes and restore the original database, simply start back at Step 1 and move the database back to the original database server.

To move thycotic Secret Server to another machine: Moving Secret Server To Another Machine

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