Storing a File in Thycotic Secret Server

To store a file in Secret Server, there are two steps:

Configure a Secret template – You can either create a new template or add a “file” field to an existing template.

  • Go to the Secret template configuration page
  • Add the field in the last row of the grid by filling out the Field Name and selecting File for the Field Type.
  • Click the plus sign at the end of the row to save the new field.

Upload the file – To attach a file, you will need to either create a new Secret or edit an existing Secret based on this template.

  • Click Choose File to select the file,
  • Save the Secret to upload it.

The file can now be downloaded from the Secret view by clicking the icon beside the filename.

If you experience issues uploading a file, you may have exceeded the file attachment upload limit: File Attachment Upload Limit for Thycotic Secret Server

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