Solution: ClockReports is running but not displaying on screen

How to solve the issue of ClockReports running but not displaying on screen

This is an issue that is rare, but sometimes ClockReports can be running and fail to display on screen. You will be able to see that the ClockReports software is running by hovering over the app in the taskbar and pressing alt+tab, but it can then fail to maximise the application. There is a reason for this issue however, and we have outlined it below.

ClockReports running but failing to display on screen happens when ClockReports has been moved off the screen when it was last open. This is because the software remembers the previous application positioning.

To rectify this you will need to close ClockReports down completely and check that it isn't still running in the task manager. Then navigate to the ClockReportsXE8 folder which can be found directly on the C:\. Within that folder, rename ClockReports.ini to ClockReportsOLD.ini

Now relaunch ClockReports and it will open up as per normal.

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