Importing and Exporting Data between Thycotic Secret Servers

You can export your data out as XML by going to:

  • Admin
  • Export (choose the XML option)

This exported data can then be imported into another Secret Server by going to:

Note: Please do not edit the XML file with notepad.exe, use Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, or Atom to make your edits. There is a big chance your XML file fail import if you use Notepad.exe

  • Tools
  • Import Secrets (choose the Upload XML File under the Additional Options)

The XML export includes:

  • Folder (and their permissions)
  • Secret Templates
  • Secrets (and their permissions)

The XML export does not include users, groups, launchers, configuration, etc. You will need to recreate your users and groups before importing so that permissions are applied correctly.

In regards to Secret templates, the following settings ARE transferred with the XML export/import:

  • Expiration days
  • Which field expiration applies to
  • Name, display name & description
  • Expose for display
  • Field type
  • Password requirements
  • History length
  • Whether a field is searchable
  • Name pattern
And the following Secret template settings are NOT transferred:
  • Launcher(s) settings
  • Password Changing settings
  • Is Required?
  • Edit Requires
  • Hide on View
  • Default field values
  • Secret template icon
  • Keep Secret Name History
  • Session recording enabled
  • Associated Secrets
  • Validate Password Requirements on Create/Edit

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