Deleting Items in Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server does not allow hard deletes (actually removing the records) in Secret Server due to auditing requirements. This is an important feature to ensure that an audit trail is never destroyed. Since auditing and compliance are core features and requirements of the product, hard deletes are not supported. This includes all items in Secret Server, including (but not limited to): Users, Secrets, Secret Templates, etc.

Secret Server supports soft deletes of items by disabling these items or making them inactive. To alleviate additional clutter, inactive items aren’t shown by default in the user interface. There’s a checkbox to show them, if desired. This makes the user interface cleaner and less cluttered by unused items while still maintaining compliance requirements.

For example, if a typo or spelling mistake is made when creating an item, either edit the item to correct the problem or simply mark the item as inactive and create a new item with the correct spelling.

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