ClockReports: Increase Device Sync Speed

How to speed up ClockReports sync times for Devices

Step 1: Clearing off old records

Firstly you can clear the back dated records off of the clocking device. If you are using an Anviz device you can clear off the old records by selecting the "Clear Device Records after Sync" tick box which is found under the 'Sync & Upload' drop down within ClockReports. If you are using a ZKTeco clocking device this can only be done by selecting the 'data management' option in the main menu. Here you will see delete transactions at the top of the page, selecting this will give you a prompt asking if you're sure, select yes and the records will be deleted off the device.

Step 2: Disable Range Check Punches

Secondly you can disable Range Check Punches by unticking the box which is found under the 'Sync & Upload' options drop down within ClockReports.

Step 3: Stop ClockReports creating local log files

Thirdly you can stop the ClockReports from creating local log files. This can be done by selecting the Data Manager at the top of the ClockReports window and selecting View Events Log from the list. You will then see and toggle switch which is labelled "Save log to disk" at the bottom of the Log window.

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