Anviz C2 Pro: How do I find out the device serial number?

How to locate an Anviz C2 Pro device serial number

A device serial number is an important part of information to know whether it is for software renewals or technical assistance. They can be hard to find out in some cases where the box or receipt has been lost and the serial number has not been noted down anywhere. There are two methods on how to locate the serial number for an Anviz C2 Pro device, and this article with show you how.

Method 1: access via device menu

You can locate the Anviz C2 Pro device serial number via the device menu within the device 'Basic Settings'.

  • Press the M/ button. This will prompt you for the Administrator login ID & password.
  • Enter your Administrator ID & Password and press OK on the keypad. Default ID: 0 / PW: 12345 (see image 1 & 2).
  •  Using the arrow keys on the keypad, navigate to Setting then select OK. Then select Basic Info (see image 3 & 4).
  • Your devices serial number will be listed right at the top (see image 5).

Method 2: access by unscrewing backplate

You can locate the Anviz C2 Pro device serial number by unscrewing the backplate and taking a look at the device sticker.

  • To do this unscrew the device from the back-plate using a Phillips-head screwdriver (see image 1).
  • The serial number is listed on a sticker at the back of the device beginning with 'SN: 1470220117...' (see image 2).
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