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Idency.com. Even more new. Even more improved

New improved formula

It’s finally here.

Welcome to the all-new Idency.com experience.

Now with more clarity, shinier presentation, packing more punch with its content in a more eco-friendly and fragrant style (ok, I’m not sure it’s any more perfumed but you might think it is, it’s so good-looking), Idency gives you a brand new way to browse and buy security, authentication and SmartHome products.

As fit as a butcher’s dog

Our product range is tighter. Information is more comprehensive. Images are bigger and more numerous. Our knowledgebase is greater than ever. If you haven’t checked it out yet, try it for yourself and find out how it can improve your digital world.

The appliance of science

The formula is similar, but we’ve tweaked a few things, reworking the styles and site design from the ground up. So you’ll get more information in a smaller space, using a tabbed section to give you product descriptions, images and videos, data documents and relevant knowledgebase links.

Idency's new tabbed product information
Idency’s new, improved, tabbed product details. Smaller space. More information.

All-new Idency also works better across different devices, meaning you can have the same great experience and access to the products you need whether you’re sitting at your desk at work on your laptop or sitting on a beach in the Mediterranean on your smartphone.

We’ve got the know-how

Idency.com is also more sleek, glossy and streamlined – it really is more eco-friendly, achieving more with less computing power, taking advantage of cutting-edge programming technologies, using more caching (for faster access to content), fewer requests for more information and quicker servers. So it’s less taxing on the server it runs on. It’s quite ingenious really.

You’re worth it

The new improved Idency.com. Find it in the chilled aisle. Well, on all good web-connected devices. At https://idency.com