Don’t let ransomware ruin your Christmas

Blog by Daniella Smith | Posted on Wednesday December 16 2020

Weaponised technology

Affecting businesses worldwide

As seen in the news this past week, Russian hackers have allegedly weaponised a technology from vendor business software updates to distribute malware, which potentially affects businesses around the globe. Public and private companies now find themselves in a situation where they need to assume compromise and activate their incident response teams.

Free network health check via Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes, the number one remediation provider allows businesses respond and recover from a breach by:

  • Automating the entire process of remediation
  • Thoroughly remediating malware
  • Running scheduled scans
  • Rolling back the damage of ransomware
  • Scans proactively hunt for recently reported indicators of compromise (IOCs)
  • Restore files that were encrypted, deleted, or modified
Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response Product Image

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response is an industry-leading cloud-based single management console using multi-vector protection via a single agent

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