Wireless Survey Service

A wireless survey will ensure that any new equipment is properly specified and configured and will fully meet your expectations.

Product Information

Wireless survey services: what we offer

You need performance and quality from your wireless network. You might even depend on it to run your business.

Like any radio signal the quality and consistency of a wireless network signal is affected by the various media that that it has to travel through. It can also be affected by interference from other electrical equipment and other wireless networks. A wireless survey will detect any factors that impact the network signal and ensure that the network design is built to cater for them. It may also be used as a service to discover the root cause of any degradation in existing wireless networking infrastructure and performance.


Wireless Survey Heat Map

A wireless survey can be delivered by two different methods dependent upon the level of assurance required.

  1. a virtual survey is performed using software to simulate the environment and does not need a site visit (please see example report posted in the Media Tab)
  2. a physical survey is performed using real data and readings captured through the use of specialist tools and software by an experienced on-site networking engineer.

The virtual survey and heat maps provide a quick and easy overview of your required WiFi network coverage and is of most benefit where an estimate is required.

Request a wireless survey

If you would like us to carry out a wireless survey, please contact us or fill out our wireless form. We recommend that a physical survey should always be performed before an installation. The physical survey is a more detailed and thorough survey and will uncover the impact of any items not found in a virtual survey.


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