ZKTeco Fingerprint & RFID Access Control Bundle

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Fingerprint & RFID Access Control for internal doors. Free PC software & USB RFID reader to enrol users & monitor door activity.

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Suitable for both internal and external environments

The complete bundle for adding fingerprint access control to your premises

Suitable for both internal and external environments. You can add new users and manage access policies, time zones and personnel groups with the free PC software to be able to monitor the door status in real time. Commonly used by gyms, sports clubs, schools and offices.

Fingerprint & RFID

A perfect combination of two factor verification methods, with the security of fingerprint authentication and ability to share a card with temporary users – cutting out the enrolment process.

  • ZKSilkID Sensor
  • Buzzer Prompt
  • Three-color Indicator Light

Free Access Control Software

Connect to ZKAccess 3.5 Access Control software for monitoring doors in real time, access levels, time restrictions and detailed reports.

  • Menu-driven dashboard display
  • Real-Time event monitoring with door status icon
  • Import floor plans for site-specific management

What’s included:

ZKTeco FR1500 Fingerprint Reader

Compact, reliable, durable and highly accurate fingerprint & RFID reader for access control.


ZKTeco inBio 160 Access Controller

Powers and controls the FR1500 and exit button by connecting to the ZKAccess software across the network.


ZKTeco SLK20R USB Desktop Reader

An easy to use and efficient solution for enrolling and/or matching users’ fingerprints via a USB.


ZKAccess 3.5 Access Control Software

Click here for more information on the ZKAccess 3.5 Software.


Power Supply

The 12vdc 2.0A power supply powers the inBio 160 access controller.


Exit Button

Simple Exit Button; temporarily disables the circuit to grant access.


PLEASE NOTE: This solution will connect to any 12v electric magnetic lock. The lock is not included within the bundle due to each lock being specific to the type of door & door frame.

Please arrange a FREE online demo with us where we can demonstrate how it works live.

For more information on the ZKTeco Fingerprint & RFID Access Control Bundle please contact us.

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FR1500 Fingerprint Reader

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 121.3 × 77.3 × 38 mm
  • Operating Voltage – 12V DC
  • Communication – ZKSilkID Sensor & 125KHz RFID

inBio 160 Access Controller

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 350 × 300 × 90 mm
  • Operating Voltage – 9.6V-14.4V DC
  • Card holders Capacity – 30,000, Fingerprint Capacity – 3,000, Log Events Capacity – 100,000
  • Communication – TCP/IP, RS-485 and WiFi optional

SLK20R USB Reader

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 49 × 44 × 20.1 mm
  • Operating Voltage – Power: 5V:200mA, Scanning: 5V:60mA
  • Communication –USB 2.0/1.1

ZKAccess 3.5 Access Control Software

  • Real-Time event monitoring with door status icon
  • Menu-driven dashboard display
  • Embedded fingerprint registration tool for registering and uploading templates to the terminals

12vdc 2.0A Power Supply

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 90 × 50 × 28 mm
  • Power Supply Input – AC100/240V
  • Power Supply Output – DC 12 V 1.3 A

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