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SMART-i Smart Wireless Outdoor Solar Siren
£55.99 £45.99 inc.VAT | £38.33 ex.VAT
Wireless, battery-powered, solar-charged outdoor siren. 110dB output. Bright red pulsing strobe light. Part of Smart-i security system.
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SMART-i Smart Wireless Indoor Siren
£43.99 inc.VAT | £36.66 ex.VAT
High powered 110dB indoor siren. Bright red pulsing strobe light when triggered. Simple setup procedure. Power supply and Back up Batteries.
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SMART-i Outdoor Siren – DUMMY BOX
£29.99 £24.99 inc.VAT | £20.83 ex.VAT
Dummy outdoor solar siren. Appears as real Wireless Outdoor Siren without light. Ideal for mounting on rear of a property as deterrent.
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