ZKTeco: Transfer users to multiple devices via ZKAccess

How to send users from one device to another using ZKAccess software

To transfer user templates between devices you’ll need ZKAccess software that can be downloaded here, and you will need to make an account with ZKTeco to do so.

You’ll need to add the devices to the software under the device tab, then with all devices selected click the ‘Get Personnel Data from Device’ to download all users.

After this go to the ‘Access Control’ tab > ‘Add’ > give it a label > select all devices in the first box (left) and click ‘>>’ to transfer all devices to the other side.

Then Select all users in the second box (left) and click ‘>>’ to transfer all users to the other side. Click OK.

Users / templates may not transfer correctly between different device types (e.g. VF380 to S922) so bare this in mind when managing users.

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