ZKTeco Template To Device using ZKTeco Small Business/Enterprise Software

How to Move User Data From One ZKTeco Device to Another

ZKTime SmallBusiness shortcut icon

Run the ZKTeco Small Business software (right click to “run as administrator”)

Login into your software (the default password is “admin“)

Communications button

Once the software is open click on the ‘Communications’ button

Terminals maintenance button

Then click the ‘Terminals maintenance’ button

Radio button select labelled 'Transfer data from terminal to terminal'

Once inside in the options box select ‘Transfer data from terminal to terminal’

'Download employees' button

In the sources box from the drop down menu select the device you want to collect data from, then click the ‘Download employees’ button

Loading bar graphic

Its important to check the bottom right hand corner of the software as there will be a green loading bar that is hard to see if you are not running in a full screen environment

Checkbox ticked example

You will then see your employees begin to populate the employee section on the right hand side

You can the select the employees you want to move to another device

To Unselect an employee simply untick the name of the employee

Finally on the left under the available terminals box select the devices you want to upload your employee templates to and click start

Again watch out for that green box and do not interrupt it until finished

You should now be able to have your employees clock on as many devices as you wish

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