Nest Protect Reset

How to reset the Nest Protect and erase all your personal settings

What erasing settings does

Erasing all settings on your Nest Protect will remove all Wi-Fi settings and the wireless interconnection between that Nest Protect and the remaining Nest Protects in your home. It will also remove any feature-specific settings that you’ve configured on your Nest Protect, for example, if you’ve turned Pathlight on or off.

Erasing Nest Protect settings:

  • Removes it from your Nest account and the Nest app
  • Disconnects it from other Nest Protects if you have them
  • Disables notifications sent from the Protect to your phone or tablet
  • Deletes Wi-Fi settings
  • Erases the room name that you chose

Nest Protect will still detect smoke and CO

Erasing all settings on your Nest Protect does not change its ability to detect smoke or carbon monoxide. The alarm will still sound if either are detected.

Getting started

You’ll need physical access to your Nest Protects in order to erase all settings, and you must perform these steps on every Nest Protect that you want to reset. You cannot erase the settings on your Nest Protects with the Nest app.

Instructions for erasing all settings on Nest Protect:

1. Press and hold the button on Nest Protect. It will chime and glow blue.
2. Release the button when Nest Protect starts saying its version number. If you hold down the button for too long, the test will be cancelled.
3. Nest Protect will start a verbal countdown and tell you that it’s erasing all settings. You can cancel the reset by pressing the button again during the countdown.
4. After a few seconds, your Nest Protect will restart.

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