The Dashboard page provides a quick overview of several features available in your KnowBe4 console, including Phishing, Training, the Phish Alert Button, Second Chance, the ModStore, and ASAP (Automated Security Awareness Program).


The Phishing portion of the Dashboard shows you an overview of your Phish-prone percentage for the last six months as well as industry-specific benchmarking data.

Phish Alert

If you have enabled our Phish Alert Button, you will see a summary and graph which indicates how many times the add-on was installed or uninstalled, how many emails were reported by your users as possible phishing emails, and whether those reported emails were simulated or non-simulated. You can also download a CSV report of this information.


The Training portion of the Dashboard shows you the status of your active training campaigns as well as the percentage of enrolled users who have completed that training.


The Training section also has an enrolment link you can provide to any of your users so they can log in to take any training modules you have enrolled them in. Be aware the email domain is unique for this URL and the user will need an email address that matches this domain in order to log in and see their training. Here is an example of the sign-up link:

Example of a user sign-up link:


Click the “Browse ModStore” button or the MODSTORE tab at the top of the screen to browse our extensive library of security awareness training content.


You can create or access your Automated Security Awareness Program (ASAP) by clicking the “Get Started” button or by clicking the ASAP tab at the top of the screen.

Second Chance

You can click the “Get Started” button or click the SECOND CHANCE tab at the top of the screen to review reports or modify your Second Chance settings.

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