Go2Clock: Mobile Clocking Setup

How to setup the mobile clock feature for an employee in Go2Clock

Please see below instructions on setting up the Go2Clock mobile clocking feature:

  1. Sign into Go2Clock (you will need to be an admin) and navigate to the ‘Manage Employees’ tab
  2. Click ‘View’ to see your full employee list
  3. Locate the employee you wish to give mobile clocking access to
  4. Click the blue ‘Edit’ button
  5. Navigate to the ‘Login & Password’ tab
  6. Change the ‘Go2Clock Login’ dropdown to ‘View Mobile Punch only’
  7. Enter the employees email address (must be unique)
  8. Enter a login password for the employee or click the ‘Generate Random Password’ button
  9. Click the blue ‘Update’ button to save changes

For the employee to now clock in using the mobile feature they will need to:

  1. Enter app.go2clock.com into their mobile phone web browser
  2. Enter their email address & password that was assigned to them by admin
  3. Click ‘Sign in’ to enter the mobile clock page (we recommend to allow location access)
  4. Click either the green ‘IN’ button to clock in, or the red ‘OUT’ button to clock out
  5. Once selected they will be automatically signed out with the message ‘You have successfully punched’

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