How Banks & Financial Institutions are using Biometrics effectively…

Security and Authentication

Frequent password changes are inconvenient and cumbersome for staff and can elevate the risk of fraud within electronic monetary transactions costing Banks millions of pounds. In addition it is important Banks safeguard account information accessed by employees and its customers.


With the simple touch of a finger, an authorised Bank employee or customer is automatically logged in without having to type in their password or account information. This highly secure identification check can be applied to any number of processes.

How it works…

Non-obtrusive or ‘Big Brother’
Contrary to popular belief, when registering an individual with the fingerprint reader, it does NOT take a scan of their fingerprint. It looks for specific points within the fingerprint and then just saves the coordinates of these points. This data is immediately encrypted and will only make sense to the fingerprint software. So you can be rest assured that your fingerprint hasn’t literally been taken and stored.

Biometric Applications in Financial Institutions

Banks and Financial institutions are saving time and money by integrating Biometrics into applications for identification and authentication purposes:

  • Increased Productivity – Bank employees gain time by not having to remember passwords
  • Heightened Security – Removes the dependency to maintain the security of passwords
  • Reduced Support Costs – Eliminates calls to the Help Desk for forgotten passwords
  • Improved convenience – Employees quickly log in using their finger

Free Initial Finance Sector Consultation

Idency will work with you to easily integrate fingerprint authentication into your organisation and gain access to a full range of authentication services for your employees and customers. The authentication/identification process can be integrated into your existing software and processes to ensure minimum fuss, and maximise their effectiveness. New software can also be produced for areas/processes where there isn’t a current authentication/identification.

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