PeopleHR Time & Attendance Plugin: How to apply biometric clock data to an employee in PeopleHR

How does the PeopleHR Time & Attendance Plugin know which employee clocked in on the biometric device?

The PeopleHR Time & Attendance Plugin and your chosen biometric device share an ID number under an employees details in order to apply a clock record with the correct employee within PeopleHR.

When registering an employee to a biometric device, the device will ask or an ID number for the employee. This number can be anything, such as an employee payroll number, as long as it starts from 1 upwards. The ID number can not start with a 0.

For example, ID 102 is acceptable whereas ID 012 is not.

The ID number that you registered an employee with on the device, now needs to be added to the employees details within PeopleHR. To do this, you will need to login to PeopleHR as an administrator and locate the employee that you wish to apply the ID number against (PeopleHR Dashboard > Employees > Select employee).

When in the employee planner that you wish to edit, go to ‘Employment’ and scroll down to locate ‘Time & Attendance ID’. This is where you input the employee ID number that you applied to the biometric device when registering the employee. All steps are detailed in the image to the right of this page.

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