CrossChex: ‘Already Running’ & can’t locate software window

CrossChex ‘Already Running’ but unable to find the window after minimising the software

A CrossChex ‘Already Running’ error can be frustrating, especially if you are unable to find the software window. However, it is possible to relocate the CrossChex software window.

This error usually presents itself when a user has opened CrossChex but then minimised the software window or opened a different application window. The CrossChex software then seemingly disappears. Most of us will then attempt to re-open the software. When trying this the software ‘Already Running’ error will pop up on screen, despite being able to locate the running application. Even when checking ‘Windows Task Manager’ CrossChex likely does not appear on the list.

Where to find the CrossChex Software Window

  1. Turn your attention the your Windows task bar where you would expect to see icons of open & running applications
  2. To the right of this bar, there is a ^ arrow. When hovering your mouse over this arrow, a label titled ‘Show hidden icons’ will appear
  3. When you click this arrow, a group of icons will appear where you will see the CrossChex icon like this:CrossChex software icon
  4. Once located, double click the CrossChex software icon which will open the software window where you left off

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