ClockReportsXE: Additional Software Activation Key Process

What is the setup process of a ClockReportsXE Additional Activation key once purchased?

Once you have received your invoice for your ClockReports Additional Activation Key (up to 24 hours after your purchase) you simply have to follow these instructions:

Please follow these instructions to duplicate or re-install ClockReports (CR) on another computer and copy all of your current data & settings from your current copy.

  1. Close down the current copy of ClockReportsXE – check for ClockReports files running using your task manager if using a Windows PC.
  2. Take a copy of the following files from the c-drive: clockreportsxe8/ folder: att2003.mdb (your database of clocks and PeopleHR etc)

Plus these files if relevant

  • autosync.ini (auto sync settings)
  • peoplehrsettings.ini (your PeopleHR export settings)
  • evacsettings.ini (if you use the evacuation report)
  • reportsettings.ini (if you use CR for timesheet reporting)
  1. Install the latest version of ClockReports onto the new PC/Server, ensuring you’re logged in as the right User that will be used to access/support the software (as your licence is User specific): Download Software
  2. Once installed don’t open the software. Whilst not running, replace the newly installed files with the files copied from your previous copy of ClockReportsXE.
  3. Open the newly installed ClockReports and activate your licence by adding your name and an email address.

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