The easiest and quickest way to create high quality digital images from your fingerprint reader. Saves to JPEG files. Windows only.


  • IdencyScan

    IdencyScan software provides the easiest and quickest way to create high quality digital images of fingerprints and save them as .jpg files.

    Easy to Use

    Simply connect your USB fingerprint reader to your computer, run our software and as a fingerprint is placed in the reader it will be held on screen. You decide when you’ve got the right fingerprint image to save.

    Use with the Crossmatch (DigitalPersona) U.Are.U 4500 USB fingerprint reader.

    High Quality Images

    Images of the fingerprints are saved as .jpgs at 520 DPI. You can easily print A4 size.

    IdencyScan - Easily scan and save images of fingerprints

    Fast Installation

    Quick to install and very easy to use, you will be able to swiftly record as many fingerprints as you need to.

    PLEASE NOTE: Microsoft Windows only compatible. The software is licensed per device.

    Custom Development

    For further information, any additional requirements, bespoke development or volume discounts on IdencyScan please get in touch.


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