Malwarebytes October Cloud Update: Enhancements for Administrators

Malwarebytes schedule cloud platform update for 8:00PM EST / 5:00PM PST on October 18th 2018 with less than 3 hours of down time anticipated to complete.

This update includes enhanced administrators’ visibility providing additional insight.
Customers will also benefit by seeing the exact behaviours and rule(s) which triggered a cloud sandbox detection.

One of the main updates includes Endpoint Status Icons which can be seen below:

More information on update:


  • (Manage Endpoints page) – Endpoint Status Icons
  • (Suspicious Activity Details page) – Expanded display of set of rules triggered when making cloud sandbox detections.

Fixed Errors Include:

  • Added capability for end users to enable/disable debug logging from the tray icon using ctrl + right click, and via command line.
  • Not cleaning up all temp files in c:\Windows\Temp.


  • (Process Graph Details Pane) – Administrators able to click ‘Activities’ links to view specific file operation details including:
    File Rename, File Write, Set Security, Registry Set Value, Net Connect Inbound, and Net Connect Outbound activities.
  • (Granular Endpoint Isolation) Supports Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, and Server 2016. Allowing remote isolation of servers for further investigation.
  • (Remove Endpoint Isolation Notice) – Specifies endpoint name.
  • BSOD with SamSam ransomware variant on Windows10x86

Fixed Errors Include:

  • Process Graph suspicious activities does not return Error 500 and other general improvements.
  • Fixed Yes button in the dialog box for Lock icon status indicator


  • (MacOS Endpoint Agent) – Supports Mojave 10.14

Fixed Errors Include:

  • Error appearing in logs: ERROR WebServiceStore: remove: request.guid=…
  • Endpoint Agent does not report update_package_version on fresh Endpoint Protection install

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