Malwarebytes End of January Cloud Update

Malwarebytes is performing a maintenance update to their cloud platform on:

January 31, 2019 at 8:00PM EST / 5:00PM PST.

Malwarebytes anticipates less than 3 hours of downtime while they perform this update.

Your endpoints will continue to receive updates and be 100% protected during this time.

New Features:

Malwarebytes cloud console now features adjustable startup options for service timeout periods for Windows endpoints. In some environments, applications that are installed as Windows services may require additional time to start or stop. This new policy setting option allows administrators to provide a flexible period of time for Windows services to start up when an endpoint is restarting:

[For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response only] Added option to create and display a custom Endpoint Isolation message. You can now craft a customised message that is displayed when an end user’s endpoint is locked. This provides reassurance to your end users that it is a legitimate alert from your IT department or helpdesk and enables you to mirror the same language and tone of your existing IT and security alerts.

Administrators can make changes to the isolation message’s title and body of the message within the Endpoint Isolation settings section of the Policy Settings page. The Endpoint Isolation feature must be turned on to enable this functionality:

When an end user’s endpoint is locked, they will be greeted with your customised isolation message next to their Windows profile picture:


For all Malwarebytes products

  • Improved Self-Protection Module to now include additional components of the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent

For Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response only

  • Added Isolate Endpoint (along with Remove Isolation) action options and added the endpoint name on the Suspicious Activity details page
  • Improved detection algorithms for Virobot ransomware
  • Improved warning message when isolating Windows servers

Malwarebytes next cloud platform update is scheduled for March, 2019.

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