ZKTeco S922 Locked Admin Solution: Factory Reset

How to Factory Reset the ZKTeco S922

This article covers the step-by-step instructions on how to factory reset the ZKTeco S922 Time and Attendance Terminal. This factory reset process is especially useful for solving the issue of a locked Admin.

  1. To factory reset the device, first connect the device to your network and connect the device to your chosen software.

If you’re unable to see the device when when doing a search to add the S922, reset the device by using a paperclip to depress the reset button at the back of the device (see image) while the ethernet is connected. This will re-assign an IP address in range of your network. You will now be able to add the S922 to your chosen software without issue.

  1. After the above steps, select the Delete All Data button under Device/Data Management.
  2. To solve locked admin, you can clear the admin privilege from the same window.
  3. Now restart the device and it will be reset to it’s factory settings.

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