Troubleshooting guide: Templating to device is not showing templated users

If when templating users from ClockReports to a connected device(s) the templated users sent do not appear on the device, please follow the steps below.

Try to template the users to each device one at a time:

Ensure that only one device is selected when carrying out the template to device function. You can do this by showing the list of devices connected to ClockReports and ticking only the device(s) that you wish to template users to.

Previous step did not work:

In the instance where the problem still persists, ensure that the device(s) is connected to the network. You can do this by carrying out a ‘Ping Network Test’ on the selected device within the ‘Setup Device’ window.

If the devices are unable to respond when being pinged this means that they cannot be reached on the network and require configuration with your network settings.

If the templated users still do not appear on the device then please contact us.

For more information and general guidance on our products & services, please contact us.

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