Migrating from Aerohive Hivemanager NG Cloud to NG On-prem

How to migrate from Aerohive HiveManager NG Cloud to On-premise

If you are currently using Aerohive Next Generation (NG) Cloud...

Option 1 - NG Cloud to NG On-Prem

  1. Purchase the Virtual Appliance
  2. Your existing licenses would stay the same and be transferred to On-Prem

(per annum license cost per AP)

Option 2 - NG Cloud to NG On-Prem (Perpetual)

  1. Purchase the Virtual Appliance
  2. Your On-Prem licenses will be co-termed from the existing Cloud licenses

(VAD level 3 system support from Aerohive is compulsory per AP for year one and then optional moving forward)

On-prem Transition Process

  • Enter entitlement keys into the license management section
  • The Network Policy will need to be re-created

(Aerohive are working on a planned tool for transition which is not yet available)

  • APs/devices will need to be removed from the cloud platform and re-added to the on-prem instance.

(You do not need to reset the AP config. Simply use the bin icon to remove APs from the HiveManager instance and add to the new. If APs can't find the new after 30 mins, power-cycle the APs via switch PoE)

  • To finish, place the APs to their correct Map location and push an updated config to them
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