Eikon Mini Windows 10 Update of May/June 2016 Uninstalls Authentec without asking you

The Windows 10 Update of May/June 2016 (1511?) uninstalls Authentec Truesuite without asking you. Truesuite will still work but not for Windows login.

To resolve this you can take the following steps:

Remove the device using device manager – and all associated drivers and files (when asked) then completely uninstall Authentec – from the registry too.

Plug the device back in and scan. It will show as a fingerprint sensor…. this should load the upek drivers manually.

Then reinstall Authentec and restart windows 10. Then update the drivers – the Authentec Truesuite drivers will now be in the system list, select the ‘latest’ AES2810.

Install drivers and restart. Now the device should be registered.

Next thing is to start Windows Hello, but first remove all stored fingerprints (in Windows 10 sign-in – not in AuthentecTruesuite) and re-register.

We have found that every time we use a different USB slot, we have to re-register.. but this only involves assigning the driver to the device (which you should do manually – AES2810)  – whilst it’s plugged in.

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