Connect TSG Devices to Network & ClockReports

How do I connect TSG device to my network and ClockReports?

Go into the Menu
Select Menu 2
Select Menu 4 for Comms Settings
Under the options here:
• Device ID should be 1
• Device unique ID – will be unique to the device
• Baud should be 115200
• Communication password should be set to No.
• Manager PC ip address can be left as zeros
• Realtime event transfer should be set to No
• Management PC port should be 5005

Then go to the Sub menu that is: TCP/IP settings
Under the options here:
• Default port should be 5005
• Mac address should be unique

Then go to the Sub menu that is: Server settings (this is to give the device access to the web and ClockReports servers – which may allow the Search network device option in CR to work properly)
• IP address of server settings should be
• Port should be 4000
• If all is ok it should say ‘Connected”

Then back under TCP/IP settings:
Set DHCP to yes.
The settings should then all go to zero, after a few seconds DHCP should kick in and the IP address, gateway etc should all be populated.

Make a note of these settings then turn off DHCP and ensure the gateway field etc match what they were under DHCP. Just change the IP address to the unique one used by the device (as used in CR too).

Also go to to the Sub menu that is: Wifi settings
Is wifi on? If so turn it off.
Make sure port is on port 5005

Ensuring everything is as per above and then doing a reboot if necessary should allow the device to be found.

To set the Verification Mode of the device so that it will only accept Fingerprints or RFID cards: Menu 2, Menu 2, Verification Mode. Select [Finger] for fingerprints only or [CD] & [FP] for RFID cards and Fingerpting. Note: [Any Mode] will allow a person to just use their ID to login – this is insecure.

In ClockReports under setup options > sync option dropdown menu
Make sure the ‘ignore device id’ is NOT checked

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