ClockReports Error: The date on the device has ‘X amount’ punch dates set in the future / Past

Ensure the device time is correct

If you see this error, firstly please ensure the device time is correct – this is displayed on the device home screen. If this is incorrect, you will need to change this by accessing the device’s admin menu. For further instruction specific to the device, please go to the product page for the device on our website to access the device user manual.

Clear device punches after a sync

If the device time is correct and you continue to see this error, you will need to clear the device punches after a manual sync. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Open ClockReports and on the top left go to DataManager > Database Maintanance > Compact Database.
  2.  Next Press ‘Sync Device‘ to gather all of the latest time punches on the device. Please then ensure these records are showing in your ClockReports database by navigating to the ‘Records‘ tab, selecting today’s date and pressing the magnifying glass logo – this will then show today’s imported records.
  3. Select ‘Setup Options‘ on the menu toolbar and then ‘Device Settings
  4. Press the ‘Connect‘ button with the device selected
  5. Select ‘Config‘, this will open a window that displays the device configuration
  6. Navigate to the ‘Info‘ tab
  7. Select ‘Clear Punch Records‘ – this will wipe all time punch times from the device

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