AP Showing as Disconnected

My Access Point's are CAPWAP connected, but the connection status shows as disconnected?

This can happen if there is a firewall policy blocking outbound traffic on UDP port 12222 for CAPWAP. To avoid having to reconfigure the firewall, you can configure HiveAPs behind the firewall to communicate with HiveManager Online using HTTP on TCP port 80 instead of CAPWAP UDP port 12222.

There are the two necessary CLI commands:

  • capwap client transport http
  • capwap client server port 80

If outbound traffic must pass through an HTTP proxy server, you can configure HiveAPs to send CAPWAP over HTTP to the proxy server.
To accomplish that, enter these 2 CLI commands:

  • capwap client http proxy user password
  • capwap client http proxy name port
  • capwap client http proxy name port

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