Anviz FacePass 7 Pro Calibration

How to calibrate the Anviz FacePass 7 Pro

Firstly you will need to print out the A4 calibration page and mount it to something flat. Please download the calibration paper here.

Device calibration improves the facial recognition efficiency of the FacePass 7 Pro. Once you have the calibration paper prepared, following the below instructions to calibrate:

Calibrating the Anviz FacePass 7 Pro

  1. Power on the FacePass 7 Pro
  2. Click the Cog icon and enter 000012 to activate Lens Calibration mode
  3. The FacePass 7 Pro will then ask if you want to enter Lens Calibration mode. Click Yes(OK)
  4. The FacePass 7 Pro will now restart in lens calibration mode
  5. After restart, a red box will appear on screen
  6. Make sure your calibration paper fits inside the red box then adjust accordingly
  7. You should try to fit the calibration paper within the edges of the red box
  8. When successful you will notice the red box get smaller
  9. Repeat the process again within the smaller box
  10. Once completed Success will appear on screen
  11. Click Close and the FacePass 7 Pro will restart
  12. Calibration is now complete and you can continue using the FacePass 7 Pro again

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