Anviz FaceDeep 5: Firmware upgrade

How to upgrade the firmware for the Anviz FaceDeep 5

Firstly you will need to contact us to request the most recent firmware file for the Anviz FaceDeep 5.

Once you have received the most recent firmware file, following the below instructions to upgrade:

Upgrading the firmware on a FaceDeep 5 device via USB

  1. Download the firmware file (.aup) and save it (without any changes tot he file or file name) onto an empty USB stick
  2. Insert the USB into the bottom of the FaceDeep 5 device, where the USB slot is located. You will need to remove the rubber grey cover
  3. Navigate to the Admin menu by clicking on cog icon in the bottom right of the screen. The default login is:
    • ID: 0
    • PW: 12345
  4. Go to Settings > Update
  5. Press Start to Update
    • Please note: If it fails and you get an Update Failed (or similar) message on screen, you will need to put the device into Forced Update Mode

Forced Update Mode

  1. From the update screen, rapidly tap the image on screen, in the area of the USB stick graphic
  2. It will require approx. 6 rapid taps, until the screen changes to display the update Password required message
    • PW: 12345 > Enter
  3. Although nothing appears to change on screen, you are now in Forced Update Mode
  4. Now just press Start
  5. The device will restart and the Firmware will have been upgraded

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