Remote Access: WALLIX & The New ‘Normal’

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The New ‘Normal’

2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone, but arguably more so for businesses up and down the UK. Furlough. Self isolation. Remote working. COVID-19’s disturbance to daily work life has been unsettling and inevitable for most, and this disturbance doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon!

The ‘new normal’ of working from home and remote access of company systems brings many benefits but opens doors to new risks that need to be addressed. With threats being harder to track through personal home networks, business managers need to establish risk based policies and procedures to support their users. From remote access for employees working from home to service providers that remote into company networks rather than being on site. It’s now even more critical to manage Privileged Admin rights and evaluate individual access to key company assets. The good news is, WALLIX is making this easier for businesses up and down the country.

The Cybersecurity Pandemic

As we adjust to new ways of living and working, cybercriminals have been busy exploiting the mass uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, creating an entirely separate pandemic of its own. It is claimed that due to the actions of remote workers:

  • 20% of businesses have suffered a breach since lockdown was introduced
  • Cybercriminals are targeting poorly secured corporate VPNs, cloud-based services and business email accounts
  • Increase in attacks against RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) ports through weak passwords, system vulnerabilities and lack of patching
  • 53% of business decision makers believe privileged IT admin remote access is a top risk of security breach due to remote working

WALLIX has remote access covered

Let’s break down some of the risks associated with remote access, covering Privileged Admin rights and individual needs to access key assets to perform their roles. Particularly in regards to employees and 3rd party service providers using remote access from home:

Are the remote users who they say they are?

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Stolen credentials (logins) effectively gives a malicious actor the cloak of pretending to be one of your key employees. WALLIX Authenticator will identify the individual through a pin code (online or via mobile phone). Once authenticated they my continue.

How can remote access be provided securely?

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With WALLIX Access Manager there is no need for VPN. Access Manager is a dedicated web gateway providing secure access into a company network through WALLIX Bastion which provides the necessary safety controls to manage remote access.

What are remote users allowed to see and do?

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Authenticated through the Access Manager, WALLIX Bastion‘s Password Vault provides a one time password for the specified session only, without users knowing or seeing the password. Only assets and data permitted will be available to them.

Where is the traceability of remote access?

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Users have agreed to your terms of conditions just by logging in. The session they are performing is recorded with the Session Management component of WALLIX Bastion. Available in video form, screenshots, and metadata with a full audit trail.

What about endpoints outside the perimeter?

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WALLIX BestSafe removes users privileges from the endpoints and only allows said users access to the pre approved list of applications. You can now monitor and block the most critical processes in the endpoint, also preventing the spread of any malware attempt.

What is the FREE Access Manager Licence offer?

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WALLIX are offering FREE Access Manager Licences to all new clients who embrace the WALLIX Bastion exclusive to Idency customers. For every Admin user licensed through the WALLIX Bastion, a FREE WALLIX Access Manager License is provided.

For pricing and more information on WALLIX solutions please contact us.