VIPRE Business Console Install (Open Environment)

How do I Install the VIPRE Business Console?

Please Note: The Console itself does NOT provide any protection against malicious software. This means that a VIPRE Agent will need to be installed on the system hosting this Console if it’s to be protected.


  • Download and run the VIPRE Console installer:
  • Accept the License Terms
  • Enter a Company Name & Email Address
  • Choose an Installation Location
  • Select the Full Installation option
  • Begin the Installation and await it’s completion


  • Enter Activation Key for the VIPRE product and select Update
  • Enter an Email Address to be used for Administrative Alerts
  • Choose to Enable/Disable Automatic Policy Assignment
  • Choose an option for Incompatible Software Removal
  • Choose to Enable/Disable VIPRE’s Patch Management (Premium Only)
  • Enter a set of Domain Administrative Credentials to use for Deployment
  • Choose to Enable/Disable Unprotected Computer Discovery
  • Allow the Definitions and Agent Software to download
  • Select Finish and allow the Console to open

For setting policies in VIPRE Business Console please click here

For installing the various VIPRE Business Agents please click here

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