Locking & Unlocking Nest Thermostat

How do I lock and unlock my Nest thermostat?

Locking your Nest Thermostat

When your thermostat is locked, anyone can turn the thermostat’s ring to change the temperature within the range you’ve set.

The range you can select depends on whether you set the lock on your thermostat or with the Nest app. When you lock your Nest Thermostat with the Nest app, the smallest temperature range is 2.5ºC (for example, 20-22.5ºC). There is no minimum temperature range if you use the Nest Thermostat to set the lock. If you want to set a smaller range, or lock the thermostat to a single temperature, you will need to set the lock on your thermostat.

Important: Even when the Nest Thermostat is locked, it will still heat to any temperatures in your schedule, even if they are outside of the locked temperature range. It will also respect your normal Eco Temperature.

How to unlock your Nest Thermostat

You can unlock your thermostat with the Nest app or on the thermostat itself. It doesn’t matter which way it was originally locked.

Follow these steps to lock your Nest Thermostat:

1. Press your thermostat’s ring to open the Quick View menu.
2. Choose Settings  and then Lock.
3. Press the ring again to confirm that you want to lock your thermostat.
4. Enter a PIN that’s easy to remember, and enter it again to confirm.
5. Turn the ring to set the minimum and maximum temperatures.
6. Press the thermostat ring to choose Done and lock your thermostat, or select Change if you need to make any changes to your lock settings.
7. Your Nest Thermostat will be locked. The Lock icon at the bottom of the screen shows that the thermostat is locked.

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