Add TSG Fingerprint Devices in ClockReports

How do I add TSG Fingerprint Devices in ClockReports?

Here are a few notes/pointers for connecting a TSG Fingerprint reader to ClockReports:

Make sure the device ID number is correct. Make sure the Ignore Device ID number setting is unchecked in the setup sync options drop down menu.
There is a network search feature for TSG devices so in the TSG network settings set DHCP on. Then power down and reboot. Then in software device setup search to get ip.
*(asterisk) for menu and 1234 # to enter menu
*(asterisk) is then cancel and # is save
Network settings on the TSG are under 2 key for Config, then press 4 for Network
Use F1 to Scroll up
Use F2 to Scroll down
Use F4 to cancel

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