Introducing The Anviz Ultraloq Fingerprint & Keypad Access Control Door Lock

Anviz have just released the latest in Access Control, the Anviz Ultraloq.

Designed to be “Keyless”, the Anviz Ultraloq supports fingerprint, passcode, and smartphone authentication methods, with an emergency key for backup. This means small and medium businesses no longer need to waste more time or money from replacing locks or exchanging keys. Just take a few seconds to delete fingerprints & codes.

Designed for DIY installation, the Anviz Ultraloq smart lock is also solid and resistant with its one-piece zinc alloy body which is completely waterproof and rustproof, making it ideal for both interior and exterior installation.

What are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself!

Anviz Ultraloq Fingerprint & Keypad Access Control Door Lock

Intelligent, standalone, wireless smart lock with fingerprint, key code or mobile app authentication.

Ideal for small to medium businesses.


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