Idency Darts: Rob Adnams arrows update

Rob Adnams
Rob Adnams

So, as you’ll recall we are sponsoring friend of Idency and darts prodigy Rob Adnams in his quest to join the big leagues. The aim is to go Pro and get on the PDC tour with the major players.

Well, Rob has marched on since our first post introducing him, winning the Eynsham league singles in Oxfordshire and gaining a big shiny trophy! Nice work, Rob.

March 2023 Update

Our Rob has been playing a lot to start 2023, and he’s had some great achievements.

Photo of Rob Adnams UKDA certificate for 25 appearances playing for Oxfordshire County
Rob’s certificate for 25 appearances for Oxfordshire

Although Rob didn’t make it through to the UK Open in Minehead, all three of his Uk Open Qualifier events saw him progress to the last 16, with some great wins, good averages and some valuable experience.

Rob continues to play for the Oxfordshire County Darts team, and last weekend be was awarded his first Man of the Match trophy. It was a well-deserved award, averaging an amazing 121 for the first 2 legs of the match and winning it 4-0. This kind of performance is where Rob needs to be to beat the pros and to achieve it in a high-level match is brilliant as it shows he can play top-flight darts under pressure.

There was also an award for Rob from the UK Darts Association for achieving 25 appearances for the Oxfordshire team, so he’s clocking up some great gongs!

Rob has a lot more lined up too – we’re expecting to hear about the British Open and Classic weekend. It would be great for him to be able to play at this event and it would give him an opportunity to play some high-level opponents and get some good results.

Good luck Rob!

January 2023 Update

It’s early 2023 now and Rob has gained more valuable experience in the world of competitive Darts.

Over the last year, Rob has played his way to the later stages – and even finals – of a number of competitions all around the country. His bid to gain enough experience playing opponents of all levels of ability is working well and he has found himself up against former world-ranking professionals (he’s played 2-time World Finalist Simon Whitlock in the past so he’s not shy of a talented opponent).

Having suffered with the ubiquitous Omicron variant of Covid at the beginning of 2022, Rob’s family suffered with it during mid-July and he had to cut a competition short to take care of his young son. Rob’s son recovered and Rob bounced back at the end of July to win a competition at Woodstock in Oxfordshire – no mean feat as the field included several county-level players.

After a disappointing weekend playing in challenge tours in Leicester in September, he returned in October with much more success, winning matches and grabbing some prize money. Rob’s satisfaction with his consistent good play is encouraging and his fortitude under pressure is inspring!

In November and December, he continued to play well, reaching a semi-final and a last-16 (losing to the eventual winner) in some tough competitions.

Having played at a couple of competitions in January – more on the scores soon – he has a matches lined up through February. If he does well at these, there’s a chance Rob will be playing on the TV at Butlins Minehead! If that happens, I can feel an Idency work trip coming on. Watch this space …

Upcoming events:

  • Solihull, Feb 5th 
  • Harlow, Feb 11th
  • Coventry, Feb 19th 


Well, Rob’s faced some adversity through the beginning of 2022 (not uncommon for the times we’re living in). At the beginning of January, Rob was all cued up and raring to go at Q School 2022. Having played well on the first day, going through two rounds and winning a point, he was feeling good and on course to progress to the second stage for the opportunity to make his game sharper.

What defeated Rob was not a worthy opponent in a darts match. He fell victim instead to the wave of Omicron Covid-19 infections that has swept the country. Hugely disappointed, he followed protocol at the time and left Q School immediately and went home to isolate.

January 2022

Isolation over and Covid-free, Rob bounced back and focused on his next target, the UK Open. Qualifying started in London on 29 January, with further opportunities in February in Coventry and Solihull. He’s also lined up lots more competitions and the darts Challenge Tour presents other chances to gain experience and improve his standing.

February 2022

Well, Rob had a couple of near misses from the UK Open qualifiers: on 13th Febraury he made it to the last 32 out of 186 entrants. After a couple of great games, playing consistently, he was paired with a former pro darts player who was on great form. Rob felt the pressure of the situation and missed a few good chances to win legs, going out 4-1.

In Coventry on the 20th February, Rob breezed through two rounds. Then he had a tough game in which he played some fantastic darts in the first leg, but failed to keep the pressure on his opponent, who came back to win 4-3. Unfortunately, this put the UK Open beyond Rob’s reach for 2022. Unlucky Rob!

He’s attending a League Singles qualifier this weekand is hoping to get through this to get back to some wins – keep up the focus and practice, Rob!

March 2022

Rob got to the final of the Eynsham League Singles darts competition, seeing a great performance and giving him a confidence boost!

April 2022

The 13th April saw Rob in action at another Singles event. He was edged out in a close semi final in one of the competitions, but one the other two competitions he entered, adding two new trophies to his cabinet! huge congratulations from us at Idency – keep up the good work!

There will be lots of competitions coming up in the next couple of months and Rob will be getting involved in as many as he can too sharpen his game further and gain more match experience. We’ll get a list together of the upcoming matches and we’ll get the Idency team over to watch him in action and lend some support in person ?

Next up: 22-24 April in Rotherham – the last County game of the season.

More updates soon. Watch this space!



Late November and the beginning of December saw our budding arrows champ suppressed by a bout of illness (no, not that illness, thankfully), but he is on the mend.

13 November – Wendover

Doing what he does best, Rob played consistently through the day and won 4 games 4-1. Narrowly beaten (5-3) in the quarter-finals, he was happy with his performance, and not far off the bigger prize.

27-28 November – Oxfordshire (Home County game vs Dorset)

Rob played well on the Saturday for the Oxfordshire B-side, winning his game 4-1. This led to him being asked to play on the Sunday for the Oxfordshire A-side as well. Some missed chances meant he lost 4-1 on the Sunday 4-1. There is another county game before the end of the year on the 11-12 of December, so there will be more opportunities to spar with more experienced players. 

Q-School entries are about to be made available, and Rob is looking to register and get the tuition he needs to take his game to the next level. In the meantime, he’ll be playing in as many competitions as he can to keep sharpening his talent. All strength to your elbow, Rob!

More updates soon. Watch this space!



My view of the dart board now I'm older.
I think I need new glasses

10 October – Aylesbury (Open Tournament)

Two competitions saw a mix of results for Rob. In the first competition, he was faced with a Pro player. After a very tricky game, the Pro got the better of our Rob, but it was a real opportunity for learning and he gained some valuable experience.

Rob fared better in the second competition, winning four games and reaching the last 8 before being edged out.

17 October – Witney, Oxon

The competition in Witney was another great chance to test Rob’s mettle, with a Round Robin format that gave plenty of match-playing experience. Rob topped his group, winning all the games he played and gliding into the last 16. Rob was unable to get to the quarter-finals, however, with a last-16 game of missed chances stopping him in his tracks.