Has your company’s cybersecurity ever been tested?

‘Twas the morning after Christmas do, when all through the office,

Not a keyboard was tapping, not even a mouse!

With Christmas fast approaching, everyone is celebrating with their own ‘bring your hangover to work day’.

It’s the one day a year colleagues are popping their paracetamol, sipping their coffee, and reminiscing on the shenanigans of each department.

But now the workforce livers have been tested & the hangovers are present… what about everything else?

The hangover to out-do them all.

There is one hangover to out-do all hangovers. One hangover that is not cured with a pain killer. One important element of a business that you do not want to be worse for wear. Your network.

Once a hacker has ‘poisoned’ your network with malicious ‘substances’… you could find yourself with more than a headache. More like a £50,000 ransom pay-out headache.

How effective is your company’s current cybersecurity measures?

Implementing the correct cybersecurity measures is one thing, but shouldn’t you know if it actually works?

There are many elements that alter the effectiveness of cybersecurity. To make a start, see if you can answer these simple questions…

Are your user passwords too weak? Can your domains be spoofed? Are your employees email identities exposed? Can hackers find breached passwords associated to your domains?

If you can answer them all, then great.

If you can’t, consider taking advantage of our FREE tools from KnowBe4, the worlds most popular security awareness platform.

Security Effectiveness Tests For Your Company

Free downloadable content to test the effectiveness of your companies current cybersecurity solutions whilst finding how at risk you company data is.

    Free Weak Passwords Test


    Free Domain Spoof Test


    Free Email Exposure Check


    Free Mailserver Security Assessment


    Free USB Security Test


    Free Breached Passwords Test


You can view and download the tools here: Free Security Awareness Services

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