Aerohive END OF SALE announcement – SR2124P & SR2148P

Blog by James Crutcher | Posted on Wednesday August 29 2018

Products Affected: SR2124P and SR2148P
Announcement Date: August 27, 2018
End of Sale Date: Jan 28, 2019 or when inventory is depleted
End of Life Date: Jan 28, 2024

Discontinued Products Replacement Products 
AH-SR-2124P-UK AH-SR-2324P-UK*
AH-SR-2124P-EU AH-SR-2324P-EU*
AH-SR-2148P-UK AH-SR-2348P-UK*
AH-SR-2148P-EU AH-SR-2348P-EU*


* PLEASE NOTE: The replacement products are only supported in HiveManager Public, Private, or Portable Cloud solutions, not in HiveManager Classic. Customers can use both HiveManager and HiveManager Classic concurrently, and the many benefits of migrating to HiveManager are detailed in the “Migration Benefits” guide available on the Partner Portal under Sales Tools.

There will be no change in support terms for devices that have already been purchased. Services will continue through the end of the existing support contract.

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