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A touch of Plastic Surgery

It’s been six months since our last website revamp and electronically-speaking we were feeling, well, jowly. Change of diet? More exercise? Extra sleep? All that takes too long and we like to move fast, so we’ve sharpened our scalpels and performed some surgery.

Cutting edge

Our raison d’être is to bring you the very latest in IT security solutions and smart technology and we’re always striving to be at the cutting edge, so we can’t help ourselves when it comes to keeping our site fresh. We won’t sit still for long. Maybe the exercise was an option.

Nip and tuck

The changes are subtle in places. We’ve trimmed fat where it slowed things down and looked to keep the site smooth, lithe and agile. We’ve improved the way the site adjusts itself to the size of the device you’re using. Whether you’re at your desk looking for ways to improve your people’s time and attendance records, researching SmartHome technology on your tablet, or checking out the latest Mobile Malware Protection on your smartphone, we hope you’ll enjoy being here. Please let us know if something irks you. The last thing we want to do is irk.

So yes, we’ve constructed some new features:

  • QuickView: truly a boon while browsing our products – you can now click to get a short description or add to your basket without leaving the product list
  • Related Products: we’ve linked more of our products together, so if you’re looking for a whole solution. like using biometrics to make your workplace smarter, we’ll suggest products that will work well together
  • Social Media Sharing: it used to be a big thing to be ‘connected’, but these days we all are, and it can make life easier and more sophisticated. Seen something you think a friend or colleague really needs to know? We’ve added Social Media sharing buttons to all our products, so keeping them abreast is a slice of cake

Beyond aesthetics

The beauty is more than skin deep with our new site, too. We’re adding all new ranges of products, including many that will make your Home Of The Future a reality. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a quickly-growing set of solutions to solve problems or make life easier, more convenient, and even safer. They can all tie together using control centres that makes use of technologies like Z-Wave, Bluetooth or WiFi. Unlock your door using just your smartphone. Set your lights to come on automatically when you come home at night. Control your heating when you’re on the train so your home is warm when you arrive – or isn’t heating an empty house if you’re delayed. The possibilities are limitless and the technology is always growing. At Idency, we will keep our huge eye on the IoT landscape to bring you the best new products. Keep that dial locked on our frequency.

So come in, kick off your shoes and take a look around. Mi casa su casa. If you need anything, just shout.