PeopleHR Entry Level Time & Attendance W1 Pro WiFi Fingerprint Recognition and RFID System

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Seamlessly connect the entry level Anviz W1 WiFi fingerprint and RFID device directly to PeopleHR using their API for advanced Time and Attendance management. Perfect for a small office environment.

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Product Information

PeopleHR Fingerprint Recognition using the W1 Pro

Seamlessly connect your Anviz W1 Pro IRT terminal to PeopleHR

New generation fingerprint time & attendance terminal with features based on Linux platform. Full capacitive touch keypads along with touch optical fingerprint sensor offer a convenient operation experience and improves the practicality of wet and dry fingerprint detection. This version of the Anviz W1 Pro includes WiFi functionality and battery power with touch activation from low power mode.

The Anviz W1 Pro has a 2.8-inch colour LCD that displays its intuitive GUI – which is easy to understand and self-explanatory. Includes webserver & URL to support dynamic domain name server which offers a persistent domain name for non-static IP devices. Basic Setting, Personnel Inquiry and Management, Records Inquiry.

This entry level fingerprint terminal can be used with PeopleHR to offer basic biometric time & attendance integration with optional RFID (or Mifare). Ideal for any small office environment for up to 15 office employees.

To arrange a demo where we can demonstrate how the system works live, please get in touch.

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Recording Attendance for PeopleHR

Once an employee is registered to the W1 Pro, they simply need to approach the device and place their finger on the lighted sensor. The W1 Pro will signify that it has recorded a successful clock visually on screen and by sound.

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Syncing Attendance Data to PeopleHR

With holidays, remote working days, and normal office hours already setup within PeopleHR, staff clock in & out records collected by the Anviz W1 Pro seamlessly fills the timesheets of a standard employee shift. Updated on an automatic 30 minutes cycle and accessible on the PeopleHR cloud management dashboard.

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Viewing the Attendance Data in PeopleHR

Employee clock in & out records display as green calendar icons.  Click these to view the recorded clock times of that specific day. This image shows each individual clock time recorded by the W1 Pro by our example employee. Starting work at 08:47am, lunch from 12:32pm -13:27pm, and ending shift at 17:34pm.

Network Requirements:

  • All locations to have a fixed external IP address – or use a DDNS service that provides a static host name which acts as a fixed IP address
  • The W1 Pro terminal/s need a fixed internal IP address applied
  • Comfortable with router port forwarding (port map) and open ports of the W1 Pro terminal/s to allow external access by PeopleHR’s API to pull attendance data

Device Requirements:

  • All W1 Pro terminal/s to have 3 pin UK power socket within close proximity of the installation location
  • Supply a secure network cable or reliable WiFi for the W1 Pro terminal/s
  • Determine and input the networks subnet mask, gateway & device port details into the W1 Pro terminal/s. If only one terminal is required, the port can remain default

If you are looking for a biometric device to sync with PeopleHR, but can not reach the requirements stated above, please contact us.

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Optional Add-On: Remote Setup Support

It is highly recommended that you purchase support along with your attendance hardware. This is to ensure a smooth and efficient setup to save time & resource. We have an expert team at Idency with years of experience in attendance hardware and software. For help with initial setup (up to 2hrs) then please refer to our Time & Attendance Support Package.

Alternatively, please get in touch to arrange a tailored Support Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Optional Add-On: Evacuation Reporting (Emergency Roll Call)

If you need an evacuation report as part of your fire & safety policy then the cloud-based Go2Clock Evacuation Reporting Service is an ideal add-on to your Time & Attendance. Monitor employees on-site across multiple locations remotely in real-time, and generate on-demand reports sorted by ID, name, time, department, location etc.

Please get in touch to arrange a live demo or free trial.

For more information on the Anviz W1 Pro and compatible software please contact us.

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Solution Features:

  • Ensure 100% accurate time and attendance records
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improves your workforce’s efficiency
  • Saves administration time
  • Reduces overall labour costs
  • Removes human error from the equation
  • Reduce password management costs

Device Features:

  • Touch Keypad & Touch Active Sensor
  • Cloud Management System Support
  • Webserver
  • URL
  • Output of Multiple Reports
  • Max 3,000 Users
  • Max 3,000 Templates
  • Max 100,000 Logs
  • WiFi communication, TCP/IP, USB Flash
  • Finger, Password, Card(Optional)
  • Verification Speed <0.5 Sec
  • Fingerprint Image Display
  • Self-defined Status
  • 6-digit Work Code
  • Internal Webserver
  • Optional EM/Mifare Card
  • AFOS Optical Sensor (Touch Active Sensor)
  • 512MB
  • 2.8” Colour Screen
  • 130x140x30mm (5.12×5.51×1.18″)
  • -25°C to 60°C
  • DC 5V

PeopleHR Features:

  • Centralised control of your workforce
  • Positive performance management
  • Interactive recruitment pipeline
  • Powerful reports for getting your results noticed
  • Payroll plug-in options including Sage

Please pricing and more information please contact us.

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