Cocoon All-In-One Smart Home Security System

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The world’s first multi-room smart home security system. Everything you need to protect your home, in one beautiful device.

We have replaced our Cocoon range with Safire Smart Home CCTV cameras.

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As we eat, sleep and move around our homes, we create sounds too quiet for humans to hear. But, with our unique Subsound® technology, Cocoon picks them up. And not just in one room or floor, but across your whole home. This means – unlike all other home security providers – what you see is all you need. No wires, no extra sensors, no professional installation, and no hassle. Simply place Cocoon in your home, download the app, connect to your home Wi-Fi and you’re done.


From the moment you turn it on, Cocoon starts learning your movements and habits to get in sync with the unique sound signature of your home. As people come and go Cocoon’s timeline updates, so you know that your loved ones are home safely or that your dog walker came on time, meaning you can relax knowing your home is secure. This means you can trust it to decide when there’s something you need to know about. And when it’s just the cat coming in. With automatic arm and disarm when you come and go, with Cocoon there are no more keypads or remembering to set an alarm!


Cocoon keeps your home protected and keeps you posted around the clock every day. You get instant access to HD audio and video streaming straight from your home to your smartphone device where you can watch live whenever you like with built in night vision that gives you extra assurance, day and night. If anything out of the ordinary was to occur simply tell cocoon it’s ok or sound the 90+dB siren before taking further action.


Your privacy matters just as much as your security. So, your data is processed on your Cocoon. If an alert is triggered or you check in, the data is encrypted and sent to our secure cloud. Your smartphone is the key, so only you can access your data.

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  • Subsound® technology
    Using sound to protect your whole home, learning what is and isn’t normal to prevent false alarms.
  • Whole home security
    Cocoon uses Subsound® technology to protect all the rooms in your home from a single device.
  • No installation
    Simply plug in, download the Cocoon app and setup in seconds
  • Smartphone notifications
    Cocoon sends a notification to your smartphone as soon as activity is detected.
  • Take action
    Cocoon apps for Android and iPhone let you immediately take action to feel safe.
  • Built-in siren
    Control a very loud +90 dB siren from your smartphone.
  • HD audio
    High quality audio accompanies all HD video to hear and see what’s happening at home.
  • HD video
    Stream HD video in real-time, or check recorded video alerts, for a clear picture of your home.
  • Night vision
    See your home clearly, night and day.

Technical Specifications

  • 720p HD camera, H.264 HD video, 120° horizontal wide-angle lens, Automatic night vision
  • 4x high power 850nm IR LEDs
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 g/n), WEP, WPA + WPA2 wireless security
  • 100-240v power supply
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Minimum 1 Mbps upload speed. Android 4.4 or above, iPhone 4s or newer
  • Height: 85mm, Diameter: 75mm, Weight: 175g

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